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Starting way back in 1983, I got hooked on the schutzhund sport in Germany.

My first club membership was with the Polizei Hunde verein Osnabruck, my very first dog was called Aslan, he was a non papered German Shepherd from the Kennel Preussenblut, with him I learnt my first steps in Obedience, Tracking and Shutzhund, from this point on I knew this was to be my calling.

As time progressed Aslan became older and I became wiser, with each step I took with him and the members of the club I became more and more hungry for knowledge.

As Aslan passed I then purchased another dog His name was Dax Vom Burbrink, this is the time I Joined the SV (the German Shepherd Association Germany), during this time I was also serving with HM Forces.

I continued with the passion of working with dogs. After leaving the full time service I enlisted with the RAVC (TA) Royal Army Veterinary Corp and I was also employed as a Armed Chief Dog Handler for the British Forces Germany.

I learned more than I ever could in regards to tactical use of a K9 and the training of specialized Service K9 such as Narc, AED, Patrol, Body detection and so on. It became a time where I was confident enough to use my knowledge and the qualifications that I had accumulated to turn it into a business. I eventually progressed and registered my own German Shepherd breeding kennel and training facility in Germany. I not only bred but also supplied numerous police departments in Germany,USA, Australia, South Africa, Holland, France and Belgium with a number of K9s, I also supplied the USAF Lackland Airbase and the US FAA with K9s in accordance with their procurement requirements.

In 2001 I moved to Canada, where I took a break from working with K9s until I managed to get established in this amazing country

In September 2016 I launched my company PADS-K9. It has been a long progress, but now I am proud to offer you my services in a number of specialized areas including:-

Use of K9 in the civilian commercial industry.    

Let me now introduce you to our Dogs


Harley is a General Purpose Patrol K9

Harley is 5 yrs old and is trained in patrol and protection


Jep is dual role, narc and protection and tracking.

Jep is our star he is a 2.5 yr old Dutch Shepherd who possess a great number of attributes, not only his endurance but also aptitude for heights and situations that one would never imagine.


Xena is a Dual purpose Narc and protection

Xena is 4 yrs old and has an astonishing drive when it comes to working, she never ever gets tired, shes a go getter in her own way who just loves to give all she has to the enjoyment of detection.

Why Us?

We select and evaluate our dogs under rigorous evaluation testing and medical examinations, therefore providing a solid foundation before the start of our training process.

WE strive to provide a service that is reliable, trustworthy and most of all, provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they have a service that they can depend upon at any time.

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