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Our dog teams are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings to safeguard your business premises, festival or event. 

Static Security Dogs

The static dog units are an extremely high visual deterrent and can cut down on the man power needed in static guarding alone.

Our GP security dogs are trained in article tracking, building searches, find and locate and handler protection, making you a unbeatable team on any assignment. We can supply your Security Agency with Static Security Dogs once your staff have completed a 30 day Basic Dog Handler course with our establishment.

Detection Dogs

Drug Detection: The highly trained drug detection dogs can be used for either passive or proactive assignments.

We can also provide drug awareness education demonstrations to schools or other vulnerable groups. Standard CRB checks are maintained by all of our drug detection handlers.

In addition to this, we also provide a Bar Watch scheme, using trained drug detection dogs to identify the presence of illegal substances on your premises, or simply act as a deterrent to potential drug use in your establishment.

Explosive Detection: These dogs receive specialist training on particular substances which make up the composition of explosives. Some of these dogs have been trained to detect flares.

Our detection dogs undergo continuous training to ensure their results are at the highest level, whilst working discreetly to guarantee the public do not feel intimidated by the dog's presence.

Other Specialist Dogs

PADS-K9 can also provide other specially trained dogs specific for your assignments and needs including Bed Bug, Personal Protection, Search and Rescue, 

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